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I haven’t posted anything pro-audio lately so here goes.

For all of you who produced music regularly in their home studios, and who have been looking to spend some money on a new cool device that can massively ease-up your configuration, I would recommend checking out this device:

When I first saw the picture up on Red Leaf’s website (www.dawtouch.com), I thought this was yet another touch screen thingy with a dedicated interface. As the video demonstrates, I was in the wrong. What a breakthrough to be able to control any sequencer whatsoever with the Daw Touch. And its not pressure sensitive – the advanced optical imaging technology makes it smoothly and easily manageable with your fingers, a pen or whatever (for those of you who spend hours upon hours mixing and recording in front of your dual-screens, manipulating keyboard and mouse till you fingers get numb, this seems like a life-saver).

This device is pretty darn amazing and will most probably set a standard for the new DAW generations to come, and for most audio geeks $3500 ain’t that big a deal.



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This ain’t new but it’s still worth a mention. First off, here’s a video of “a software-sequencer controlling 8 solenoids, that knock on different things and therefore produce nice rhythmic patterns”.

And here is an introductory video of the “Playing The Building” project.

Both of these musical works was devised by no other than David Byrne, founding member of the avant-garde 70’s new-wave band, the Talking Heads.


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This is going to be cool. Zoom is coming out with the Q3 in September –  the first ever pocket-size, semi-professional audio and video recorder to hit the market. Zoom is announcing the street price to be around $250. The Q3 will definitely help tons of bands get their live-gigs uploaded to Youtube. Can’t wait to get one myself. Read more about it in the great music/tech blog Create Digital Music.


zoom q3

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Two days ago I posted on a singer-songwriter called Reyna Perez who shot her latest music video entirely off of an iPhone 3Gs, and today I stumble upon this other band called The 88 who recorded their latest track “Love Is The Thing” thanks to an iPhone application called FourTrack. Read about it here, and watch the “making-of” bellow:

Results sound good, even through Youtube’s compression and my laptop’s tiny speakers. Now I can add the iPhone to my recommended list of portable digital recorders.


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Research in Motion (creators of Blackberry), who is sponsoring U2’s 360 tour, is preparing to release their first “mobile album”. Go to http://blackberry.com/u2 to see the trailer.

The application itself seems like a pretty basic bundle of features U2 fans will love playing with. Apparently it allows them to listen to the album, write comments, share pictures and whatnot. One interesting aspect shown in the trailer is the part where we see a materialized concert arena with dots pointing out to some people in the audience (pic seen above). The sequence is introduced by the sentence “Experience the tour from all angles”. Wonder what’s behind such an evasive explanation. My first thought was a feature that would enable fans to shoot videos from where they are seated, and have them uploaded to a central server accessible to others. Or maybe will it be a simple chat-like feature that enables fans to share impressions on the gig or something.

Pricing and release date haven’t been officially announced yet.


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For all the iPhone fans out there, you probably heard about the 3G’s video editing capabilities. They said it was gonna be good – well this music video confirms it:

This is the first ever “professional” music video to be entirely shot from a cellphone. The artist is called Rayna Perez. Here’s an extract of her Facebook’s bio: “Video producer Ari Kuschnir, Reyna’s fiancee, purchased the iPhone after a two hour wait, made shorter by listening to the tracks. Hearing the new music and playing with 3GS, he had an idea. Why not debut Reyna with the first iPhone music video? “It became clear that the phone’s camera quality was good enough to shoot a music video. It seemed fitting for the project.”

Over the next few days, the plan and the team came together. Within a week, through a series of collaborations much like the mastering of Reyna’s EP, the video was complete. Watch Love, Love here.”

Check out Reyna Perez on Reverbnation here.


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And we’re back.

Sorry for the lack of posts in this blog for the past week but this doggy has been out on vacation, taking some precious time off of the screen. Usually when we aren’t adding stuff on here, stats go down. But not this time. Since Michael died our numbers have been going crazy thanks to this post: https://gigdoggy.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/the-key-to-music-part-4-the-keys-to-the-80s-pop-era/. It only contains one pic of Michael’s thriller video and a couple of search terms related to the album – that was enough to augment our views by 1000% :)

Anyways, to apologize for the standby, I give you this totally frigin’ amazing crowdsourced video of the song “Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday)” by the Japanese band Sour. This music video was shot for their first mini album ‘Water Flavor EP’. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam.

Aside from the beautiful creative result of this work, this experiment once again corroborates the fact that technology is the prime medium through which fans can connect with their bands.


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