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indie_artist_x_logo_smJust a quick note to let you know that David Rose, who is editor over at www.knowthemusicbiz.com and responsible for Artist X’s website, has published an article yesterday on his strategies for getting X’s site up and running. Once again, this is a good overview for any musician who lacks website creation skills and who needs to get things rolling fairly quickly (and who is on a budget of $20/month)

The final choose for X is a mix of popular online band services:

  • Bandzoogle for its website templates
  • Reverbnation for its plethora of widgets
  • and Audiolife as a complete e-commerce solution (for merch, physical CDs, Mp3 distribution and warehousing.)

Read the article here. Nice breakdown of what every service offers and can accomplish for X.



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I’m a little late on this, but what the heck.

audiolifeI already wrote a little post on AudioLife (http://www.audiolife.com) some time back, a very comprehensive and intuitive online e-commerce solution for bands. In late April they added a new cool feature to their service: they are offering storage space in their warehouse for $10/month in addition to taking care of all merch shipping-and-handling tasks.

From their “Audiolife to Offer Fulfillment Services” blog post:

“We’re not just storing it for you but will then ship any of your products when an order is placed through your store.  This way you can worry about your new album, upcoming show, girl/boyfriend, whatever, rather than your inventory”

I think it’s a brilliant idea!

In that blog post, they claim to be even cheaper than this guy:

If they can beat Jones and his big ass truck rental and storage, they are definitley worth it.


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