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indie_artist_x_logo_smJust a quick note to let you know that David Rose, who is editor over at www.knowthemusicbiz.com and responsible for Artist X’s website, has published an article yesterday on his strategies for getting X’s site up and running. Once again, this is a good overview for any musician who lacks website creation skills and who needs to get things rolling fairly quickly (and who is on a budget of $20/month)

The final choose for X is a mix of popular online band services:

  • Bandzoogle for its website templates
  • Reverbnation for its plethora of widgets
  • and Audiolife as a complete e-commerce solution (for merch, physical CDs, Mp3 distribution and warehousing.)

Read the article here. Nice breakdown of what every service offers and can accomplish for X.



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indie-artist-x-logo-300x225A set of key music industry peeps, that you could know about (or maybe should) if you are a musician or in a band and that you spend some time online trying to perfect your music 2.0 skills, are getting together to focus on helping an anonymous hard-working indie musician get out of his day-time job and start a full time career. The project is called the Indie Artist X Music Marketing Plan. Bellow are cited its participant:

  • Andrew Goodrich from ArtistsHouse (great and prolific Twitterer – follow him @artistshouse or @VisualAlchemy). Andrew will be overviewing Fan Developpment strategies for ArtistX.
  • Bruce Houghton from the Hypebot (brings us daily music news through his truly inspiring Hypebot blog, and is probably very active in other realms of the music industry – follow Bruce @hypebot). Bruce will be taking care of Commerce.
  • Cameron Mizell from Musicianswages.com (A funky jazz guitarist and a regular writer/contributor on musicianwages.com. Check out his Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/cameronmizel) Cameron is in charge of Awareness
  • David Rose from Knowthemusicbiz.com (a great resource for all musicians. You can follow David on Twitter @dbrose67) David is in charge of the website.
  • Heather MacDonald from the music careers section over at About.com. Check her tweets @mountflorida.
  • Martin Atkins from Revolution Number 3 that I have never heard of but that I am sure are great at what they do. Martin will be taking care of live show and touring strategies.

Here’s the initial pitch for the ArtistX project:

The goal of the Indie Artist X Project is to develop a basic, actionable music marketing plan designed around simple strategy, prioritization of tactics, tools and a reasonable budget that can be implemented by any indie artist who has the inclination to follow it. A group of like minded people (us and the other sponsors) interested in helping foster the success of independent musicians have banded together to create this community based music marketing plan. It’s our hope that any hard working, talented musician can utilize this plan to grow their fan base and help lay the foundation for a sustainable career in music. We will be working with one anonymous artist to design and implement this music marketing plan then track and report the actual results over a four month period. All the details of the plan are publicly available in this document.

“This document” being a Google Spreasheet you can view here.

This artist must stay anonymous so publicity from the project will not skew any potential results.

Seems like a very interesting idea. If I understand correctly, the six influential music industry peeps above will chaperon artistX’s music career for the next 3 month and attempt to determine what the best strategies to leverage it are. Seems like the first market study conducted on an indie musician. Result promise to be intriguing and most certainly up-lifting for the DIY crowds. I’ll keep you updated on their progress.


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