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indie_artist_x_logo_smJust a quick note to let you know that David Rose, who is editor over at www.knowthemusicbiz.com and responsible for Artist X’s website, has published an article yesterday on his strategies for getting X’s site up and running. Once again, this is a good overview for any musician who lacks website creation skills and who needs to get things rolling fairly quickly (and who is on a budget of $20/month)

The final choose for X is a mix of popular online band services:

  • Bandzoogle for its website templates
  • Reverbnation for its plethora of widgets
  • and Audiolife as a complete e-commerce solution (for merch, physical CDs, Mp3 distribution and warehousing.)

Read the article here. Nice breakdown of what every service offers and can accomplish for X.



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audiofileI have been playing a little with this new e-commerce solution for bands called Audiolife. It’s a custom online store where bands can sell their music (albums, downloads and ringtones) and their merch very easily. Through their widget you create and display your goods, then you proceed to place that widget everywhere you want on the web. In contrast to other e-stores like Nimbit or Zazzle , Audiolife’s widget can be embedded on a multitude of social platforms and is therefor not only limited to MySpace and Facebook. Bellow are all the social sites you can place your widget on, and of course, as always WordPress.com isn’t on the list. Still, pretty impressive for a widget of this caliber.

untitled-21Its nice clean interface and easy navigation make it fast and simple to get your stuff online in no time.

To check out what the store looks like, go to our Facebook profile and scroll down a little to ‘My Stuff’.


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Nimbit is a complete music commerce solution for bands. The free version of their OMT (online merch widget) allows bands to sell songs and display a neat profile. For $4.95/month you get to sell merchandise in addition to your songs, and you get access to their digital distribution network composed of iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and others.  For $12.95/month you get some other things like being able to update content information on different sites at once, having access to a unique branded skin Nimbit sets up for you, managing multiple artists through one store. You can even manage your physical CD sales through Nimbit. They take 20% off each sale.

It’s an all-in-one service that seems to be doing very well and making headway as its OMT just became MySpace’s official application for selling songs and merch. Before there was Snocap, but they didn’t fare so well due to their “inability to get visitors into the habit of purchasing music from a small box on a page that typically offers free music and video streams” as Glenn from the Coolfer, music and industry blog puts it. Nimbit has now taken its place with a more complete and up-to-date setup and faster check-out procedure.

So in the list of all the sites you can try out for your e-commerce solutions, Nimbit appears to be leading the race.

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