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I haven’t posted anything pro-audio lately so here goes.

For all of you who produced music regularly in their home studios, and who have been looking to spend some money on a new cool device that can massively ease-up your configuration, I would recommend checking out this device:

When I first saw the picture up on Red Leaf’s website (www.dawtouch.com), I thought this was yet another touch screen thingy with a dedicated interface. As the video demonstrates, I was in the wrong. What a breakthrough to be able to control any sequencer whatsoever with the Daw Touch. And its not pressure sensitive – the advanced optical imaging technology makes it smoothly and easily manageable with your fingers, a pen or whatever (for those of you who spend hours upon hours mixing and recording in front of your dual-screens, manipulating keyboard and mouse till you fingers get numb, this seems like a life-saver).

This device is pretty darn amazing and will most probably set a standard for the new DAW generations to come, and for most audio geeks $3500 ain’t that big a deal.



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